Our Cellars

In MontalcinoThe Cellars

The early Fuligni cellars, where Brunello was produced and aged a century ago, are below the Palazzo of Montalcino which dates back to the 17th Century. The Medicean garrison as well as members of the Medici family used to reside in the Palazzo, including a spanish princess, whose bedroom is still preserved and bears her name. The cellars are actually older than the overhead building, dating back to the end of the 16th century, and still keep their splendid architectural structure, with a beautiful tecnica mista vault. It is in these very cellars that Brunello Fuligni is refined in Slavonian oak barrels of 20000 or 30000 kg. The total and completely natural insulation of these rooms makes them perfect for wine ageing.

At CottimelliNew spaces,

…for the past few decades, Fuligni wines have been refined in wood in the cellars of the ex-convent of Cottimelli, where, alongside the Slavonian oak barrels, there are also a number of 5-hectolitre Allier tonneaux.